My first CSU game

by Aaron Harris
(Fort Collins, CO)

This was the fall of 1999. I came to CSU from Alaska and had never been to a college football game before, let alone a CSU game. I met a kid in Ingersoll Hall that was going to camp out for tickets to the CSU vs. CU game. After showing up in the student ticket line (being the 75th person in line arriving at 3am). I was told by many people in line that CSU doesn't stand a chance against CU.

At this point I didn't even have a CSU shirt I had to go buy one for the game. Now I am the proud owner of over 50 pieces of Ram apparel. I took the bus to the game and hung out with a fellow freshman named Tim. We didn't know anyone else at the game so we ate Burger King for our pregame tailgate meal.

We arrived at our seats early to take in the Mile High Magic. Mile High Stadium was the biggest thing I had ever seen at the time. You could fit over 3 times the number of people in my home town into it.

From the opening kickoff to the final seconds off the clock I was SO proud to be a CSU Ram. I knew nothing about the players or coaches at the time but I quickly learned. The final score ended up being 41-14. I will never forget the quote, "Kevin McDougal is still running."

Since that day I have been to every home game and have gone to at least one road game a year. I am and always will be a CSU RAM!

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Oct 25, 2008
Nice start to a long love affair with the Rams!
by: Anonymous

Enjoyed your 1999 my bew roommates and I went to the was a great chance to bond with each other. The day started off buying a keg, a BBQ grill, and several watermelons.

What a great day...thanks for reminding me of how much fun that game was.

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