2008 New Mexico Bowl

by Andrew Quirk
(Ft. Collins, CO)

Johnson on the run

Johnson on the run

I've been in Fort Collins since 2000 and have been a Ram fan since 99 when my sister started at CSU. I have been to many great games in my 9 years but the chance I received in 2008 is hard to beat. I have about 18 photos in the book that John Hirn wrote. Sports photography is a hobby of mine and I started talking with John about his website. Long story short I sent him a bunch of pictures from the last 2 years and he used them. John then pulled some strings and got me a field pass for the New Mexico Bowl. I drove down to NM with some good friends and we had the time of our lives and watched a great football game with a bunch of great Rams fans. As my camera clicked off 800 photos throughout the game I captured some great moments. But none were better then standing in the north endzone and playing the waiting game for CSU to get closer to the endzone only to see Gartrell Johnson III break through the line and head right for me on a dead run. I can't thank John enough for giving me the chance to spend the game on the field. And he went and used about 5 of my pictures in the book!! There will be more memories to come because now I have a field pass for the whole 2009 season!! Good things to come I hope!!

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